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Cairo from 03 to November 8, 2009

November cairo Tuesday 3 19:30 pm BONUS TRACK All the lonely people


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Horizontal / Vertical el cairo Discussion and Chat with Nicholas Tuozzo
Thursday 5 18:50 pm PREMIERE> ; Horizontal Vertical 21:30 pm SPECIAL> Back to Fortin Olmos 23:25 pm PREMIERE> Earth revolt PREMIERE> Horizontal Vertical Duration: 104 minutes Origin: Argentina

Horizontal Vertical

Friday 6 18:00 pm PREMIERE> Horizontal Vertical

20:30 pm 2X1> Upa Presents + Cast Director

22:20 pm 2X1> All the lonely people

18:00 Saturday 7 PREMIERE hs> Horizontal Vertical

PREMIERE 20:30 pm> 22:20 pm

Sunday 8 18:30 hs

PREMIERE> Earth revolt
20:30 pm 2X1> Upa

22:20 pm 2X1> All the lonely people

Genre: Comedy
Music: Lebron Production: UPA FILMS in association with M & S production with the support of the University Editor: Alberto Ponce, Fernando Solanas Olmos Directed by: Patrick Coll, Jorge Goldenberg.

Technical Director: Santiago Giralt
Screenplay: Santiago Giralt

Photography: Sol Lopatin
Tomi Producer: Milagros Roque Pitt

Starring: Lola Berthet. Luciano Castro. Elijah Viñoles. Erica Rivas. Alejandro Urdapilleta

100 days without rain. It's a scorching summer in Venado Tuerto, a town on the Pampa Argentina. Ana, a homemaker trying to sustain an image of happy family, Alicia, a woman who discovers her husband is cheating, Julian, a man who fights against his past addictions, Lola, a girl who has fear of being rejected, Peloso, a parent evangelist who does not know how to help yourself and Damian, an obese teenager who must take charge of their sexuality, meet, intersect and clash in a comedy about loneliness, desire, love and desire live.

Genre: Comedy - Drama Duration: 90 min. Origin: Argentina

Technical upa

Address: Tamae Garateguy, Santiago Giralt, Camila Toker

Screenplay: Eva Bär, Tamae Garateguy, Santiago Giralt, Camila Toker
Film Music: Tomi Lebrero and mysterious pot

Editor: Eva Bär

Art Director: Diego Schiapani

Executive Producer: Mili Roque Pitt and Silvia Rodríguez

Sound Design: Paul

Gamberg and Guillermo Picco Picture Post Production: Film Factory titles and graphic design: Arturo Peruzzotti and Agustin Torre Video Color Correction: Matías Roggero

Colorist: Facundo Pires

Coordination of festivals: Julia Tagger

Synopsis How can you go to make an independent film? When a director, producer and actress come together to realize their dream making his first film there are no limits on what they are willing to do to achieve it.
locations stolen, inexperienced teams, the worst shooting conditions, anything goes, to betray one another. But Fer, Nina Ailény also have to give play to their secrets, passions, and personal lives and, ultimately, the tie that binds. The result will surprise everyone.

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 92 minutes

Origin: Argentina

Earth revolt, impure gold

Technical Director: Fernando E. Guion
Solanas Fernando E. Solanas

Photography: Rino Pravato, Mauricio Minotti, A. Mouján Fernández, F. Solanas
Music: Mauro Lazzaro

Camera: Rino Pravato, Mauricio Minotti, A. Mouján Fernández, F. Solanas

Producer: Cinesur SA (Argentina)

CO-Producer: Amazonia Films. (Venezuela)

After the Sack, The Dignity of the Nobodies, Latent Argentina and the next season, the cool contemporary Argentina on Earth is completed revolt, a play in two mutually independent parts: Impure Gold and Black Gold, on the depredacióny looting of mineral resources, metals and hydrocarbons, and the struggles against the increasing pollution. In the 90
policies neoliberal delivered mineríaa oil and corporations. Using toxic substances and extraction methods predators, contaminated the groundwater and the environment. The earth reacted against abuse: the roadblocks and the assemblies of environmentalists gave birth to a new awareness for the protection of life and recovery of mineral resources.
The first film we'll see in September is Gold Unclean, a trip around some of the open pit mining with cyanide that corporations have settled in northwestern Argentina, San Juan, La Rioja, Catamarca, Tucuman, Salta - And the reaction of the surrounding villages from pollution. It is a choral work as told by its protagonists: engineers, teachers, landholders, indigenous, neighbors, environmentalists, making strong complaints about the theft and have heartwarming stories of resistance to the depredations of the mining.
Encouraged by the struggle of the assembly of Gualeguaychú against the installation of the Botnia paper mill on the River Uruguay, the environmental movement succeeded in seven provinces, Chubut, Río Black, La Pampa, Mendoza, San Luis, Córdoba, Tucumán, banning the open mineríaa with toxic substances.
"Impure Gold" consists of an introduction, ten chapters and an epilogue. The prologue recalls the colonial conquest and the reform of mining legislation in the 90's. The chapters are: 1) The megaminería, 2) Travel to Minera Alumbrera, 3) What are carried, 4) What we left, 5) poor life, 6) Bribery and resistors; 7) Complicity and justice; 8) The power of Barrick Gold, 9) The water is worth more than gold; 10) Citizen Assemblies; Epilogue open.

Genre: Drama
Duration: 110 minutes
Origin: Argentina

Horizontal / Vertical Sheet
horizontal vertical Director: Nicolas Tuozzo

Dario Grandinetti
players. Mike Amigorena. Damian Canduci. Nicholas Condito. Rita Cortese. Ulises Dumont. Martina Juncadella. Carlos Kaspar. Duilio Marzio. Marcelo Mazzarello. Fernan Miras. Maria Onetto. Juan Palomino. Andrea Politti. Carlos Portaluppi.

Synopsis Through the windows of a building somewhere in an unfamiliar city, you can see the exact moment that things change. The moment that the above is becoming the later. And after that then nothing will ever be the same. In this tour of the universe the same and different at the same time, you can see the characters that change the changes forever. An old love and a much desired and unexpected visit, a very special club in which love is forbidden, two teenage friends and a final test of friendship, a famous psychologist discovered in his deception, a Quadruple Jico not resign the pleasures that make you feel a man, the smile of a woman who takes her to live the worst moment of his life, and a violinist who finds inspiration in the beauty lost. Peeping in horizontal and vertical this microcosm that exists between four walls, you can glimpse the world.

Genre: Documentary Origin: Argentina (2008)

Return to Fort


SYNOPSIS In 1966, Patrick Coll and Jorge Goldenberg, along with Hugo Luis Zanger and Bonomo, filmed a documentary on the wedge Hachero forest just north of the province of Santa Fe That film was about the social situation of the loggers regióny of the crew set up its base in a small town called Fort Olmos, where a few years before had settled a group of worker priests of the Congregation of the Brothers of Foucauld. Given the precarious situation in which radical were the torchbearers, these priests had promoted the establishment of a cooperative with the goal of almost nomadic workers could buy plots of public land for farming, paying for them with a percentage of their work. Forty years later, Jorge Goldenberg Patrick Coll and went in search of survivors from that experience. Back to Fortin Olmos is the expression of this search.